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Stephanie started Night Reads in July 2013 because she was tired of reading book reviews that left her feeling bereft and confused. After putting down a novel that left her thinking "What the heck was THAT? Is this even the same book?" while every other reviewer thought it was the most magicallest-bestest-book-in-the-whole-whole-whole-wide-world-EVAH, she decided she needed to keep track of what she was reading with her own opinions so she could actually recommend good shit stuff to her friends

... And they loved her for it...

A review here isn't necessarily a "technical" review, meaning a character analysis, plot rehash, or otherwise. I just want to share what I've been reading and let you all know about it too. This is a place for me to post my thoughts on what I've enjoyed reading... Or not.

I never receive any payment for my reviews, and most books are purchased by me unless otherwise indicated. I will always provide an Amazon link to the book being reviewed, however please note that I do not make any money for you to click on these links.

All listed book prices are for the Kindle version unless otherwise noted.

Stephanie is a snarky, unpredictable SAHM to two precocious precious monkeys boys and lives in the smoggy armpit of California. You can reach her by those pretty little book icons at the top of each page.

How books are rated on Night Reads:

5star copy
Most Excellent! I would lend it out, but... get your own copy! I WANT MORE!

4star copy
Really enjoyed this! Would recommend to friends, family, and strangers! Would lend it out, but I better get it back FAST!

3star copy
Good read! Glad I read it and may return to read again in the future. Will happily let you borrow for as long as you like.

2star copy
Did not keep my attention enough and would probably not read or recommend to anyone. If I loaned it to you, you could probably keep it for a while and I wouldn't miss it.

Riddled with typos, inconsistencies, etc. Did Not Finish. Makes a great paperweight or doorstop.

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