Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All I Want - A Tryst With a Twist by S. L. Scott

From Amazon.com:
Christina can’t stop fantasizing about the guy who works down at the Christmas tree lot. Lawson spends a lot of time at the local coffee shop, not for the coffee, but for the view of the pretty barista who works there.
Christmas holds more than presents for these two as they unwrap a fantasy making their tryst with a twist a reality. This sexy short story will captivate your imagination while capturing the holiday spirit.

 Short, sexy, and a great short story to read when you need a nice diversion from reading something heavy or while waiting to get your tires rotated (that's what I did!).

Even though it's such a short story, you immediately become immersed in the world of Christina and Lawson.
Just when you get to the "Oh, YEAH!" you get the "OH, NO!" Then along comes that twist, and you'll go "AWW!"

**I purchased my copy of All I Want - A Tryst With a Twist for Kindle for $0.00, and it's currently available on Amazon for $0.99 as of the date of this post**

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