Friday, June 7, 2013

Window by T.M. Franklin

Chloe Blake has a unique gift, an odd connection to her house that results in glimpses of the past, present, and future via the picture window in her living room. Unfortunately, it's a gift that sometimes proves to be more of a curse. Especially when she tries to help out Ethan Reynolds, the gorgeous boy who lives across the street - an endeavor that, for some reason, always seems to backfire.

Or leave her covered in mud.

But the house is convinced Ethan's life is in danger and Chloe's the only one who can save him. The problem is, he thinks she's more than a little crazy.

I'm always quick to read a book by an independent author and this is one that quickly made it on to my TBR list. I've fan-girled and flailed over T.M. Franklin for a while, and she's always one to keep an eye out for.

This short story is no exception.

T.M. Franklin has a way of taking a very realistic experience and adding just enough of the paranormal to make it believable. I loved the friendship portrayed between Chloe and Miranda, just two teenage girls making their way through the normal everyday existence of a typical teenager. I also loved the exploration of the relationship between Chloe and Ethan; how they were once childhood friends and learning how the strain of "growing up" had an effect on that relationship was reminiscent of my own experiences.

I really enjoyed reading this as well as the included excerpt of "MORE" T.M. Franklin's first full-length novel.
**I purchased my copy of MORE for Kindle for $0.00, and it's currently available on Amazon for $0.99 as of the date of this post**

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