Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sleeping With Mr. Sexy by S.L. Scott

 "Don't know what you got, till it's gone" - Cinderella

Lydia Nichols is on the fast track for career success. She's landed the job of her dreams after working her way up the corporate ladder. The only problem is she's in San Francisco and the dream job is in New York. With one last night to party with her friends before moving cross country, she goes all out, letting down her guard, and following her heart.
Dubbed Mr. Sexy, the ladies love Chase Andrews. Despite his bad boy good looks, he's a nice guy with a good heart. While out celebrating his best friend's promotion, Chase decides to go after the one woman who has always captivated his mind and body, but eluded him. The only problem with his plan is the object of his affection is too caught up in following her dreams to notice.
A few cocktails, laughs, secret crushes, and good friends set the stage for these two to discover what they've been missing all along.
Sleeping with Mr. Sexy is the story of two people who do the best they can with the choices they make. Join Lydia and Chase as they navigate their post-college years trying to balance careers, love, friendship, and the discovery that finding yourself sometimes means coming home.

Another short story by S.L. Scott, "Sleeping With Mr. Sexy" brought this song to mind within just a few minutes of reading. It's a classic "I let the best thing that ever happened to me slip away" kind of story, but in the end (of course!) there is an HEA.

Lydia sleeps with best friend Chase on the eve of her departure for her new career and soon regrets it. She's on her way to start the next phase of her life in NYC, leaving behind her friends and everything she knows in San Francisco. She meets and starts dating Mitch, and on New Years Eve, after refusing Chase's texts pleading with her to talk to him about what happened before she left, finds the final message from Chase and dumps Lydia before the clock strikes midnight without letting her explain.
What a douche-canoe, right?
Through flash backs, we see how Lydia and Chase came to this crossroads in their friendship. I really enjoyed the use of the flashbacks, seeing from Lydia's point of view the realization of her love for Chase.

Everything comes to a head however when Lydia finds out that Chase in engaged to be married, finalizing, in Lydia's eyes, that she has forever damaged their relationship and it can never be fixed.

But don't worry! The promised HEA is there! Read this and you'll fall in love with Lydia and Chase the way I did.

"Now I know what I got... And it ain't easy to get back, takes so long"

**I purchased my copy of Sleeping With Mr. Sexy for Kindle for $0.99, and it's currently available on Amazon for $0.99 as of the date of this post**

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