Friday, July 12, 2013

How Do You Choose A Book?

I posted an informal, highly unscientific poll on Twitter and Facebook, as well as at The Kitchen (Thanks!) the other day about what makes someone choose the books they love to read. With a total of over 50 responses, these are the results!

What persuades you to buy one book over another?

A – Cover

B - Word of mouth

C – Summary

D – Reviews

bookchoicepoll copy

The responses were plentiful and varied. Here are some of my favorites from those who wanted to expand on their response.

Joe - “Word of mouth, depending on who's mouth it's coming from! lol”

Becky - “C (would it entertain me?), then B (where applicable- & take the source into consideration, if so), then A (i know the whole don't-judge thing, but really, a little effort into a somewhat intelligent & creative design does suggest to me if the writing will be juicy & substantial or just fluffy & dry... unless it's a Penguin Classic)... I'm not avid enough to care about D, but if I were, that would factor too- I'd have my reliable sources, but it'd coincide with B for me.”

Caren - “most often for me it's word of mouth or the promise of smut. #hofosho

Lish – “A) will get me to pick up the book to read C) and C) decides if ill get it or not. If I like both summaries then A) wins.”

TheKitchen – “I'm all of the ...I just love to read....”

Thank you all for participating! I’ll have another one next week!

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