Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Adventure of a Lifetime by Christie A.C. Gucker


synopsis copyFrom Amazon:

After suffering through a recent heartbreak, the last thing Cassie was looking for was romance. But when she receives a phone call from her best friend Jen to join her on a last-minute trip to Lizard Island Australia, she had no idea it meant that a handsome Aussie named Luke would be waiting for her. Join Cassie to see if she’ll throw caution to the wind and have the adventure of a lifetime.

*NOTE* The Adventure of a Lifetime originally appeared in an anthology titled Love Down Under, featuring short Australian-flavored works by by Sheri Fredrick, Tinnekke Bebout, and Autumn Jones Lake as well as Christie A.C. Gucker.

thoughts copyWhen you think of HOT AUSSIE MAN ON A BEACH what comes to mind?

Hugh Jackman?

Can’t keep my CLAWS off this one!


My crush in my teen years; hello, Jax!


Alex O’Loughlin

Please cuff me, Lieutenant Commander McGarrett!

First off let me state how grateful I was that there was a glossary of Aussie terms included at the beginning of this novella; if it hadn’t been for that, I would have had a really hard time as an American translating!

“… While you’re off gallivanting, I can try not being a wowser and have a piss with the lizzies around the bush telly.”

“What the fuck did you just say?”

As novellas go, it’s short, sweet and to the point, which makes it a great little quickie when you need a, well… quickie.

And Lucas… Oh, Lucas.

The man standing there was the most beautiful creature I had seen since arriving. He was tall and extremely tan. His body was chiseled out of heaven, because everywhere I looked, there were muscles rippling. He had sandy blond hair (I ignored this part because of the men above who epitomized Lucas for me), which fell just below his neckline, and his bangs were swept to the side. His eyes were blue, a black ring around each iris. And then he opened his mouth and spoke, and the heavens opened up and angels sang. His accent made him five million times hotter.

I gotta say, I also love the friendship between Cassidy and Jen, because who else will never be afraid to put you in your place and reaffirm just how just how far you need to step out of your comfort zone and go for it except for your BFF.

“Cassidy, you need to step up and go for it. You can do whatever you want down here, and no one will ever find out. I’m not saying fall in love with him. I’m saying fuck the shit out of him and have some fun. Live it up for once in your life. You always do the right thing. This time, do the wrong thing. Be a bad girl.”

I read this pretty quickly while waiting for dinner to finish cooking one evening, despite being hounded my my little demon angel children. It’s fairly well-developed and you get a real sense of having read a full-length book when you’re done. Some areas of the book were a little vague, however that seems to be par for the course when reading a novella. It also has a a good HEA that proves that you don’t always stick with the guy, but that you can open yourself up to new possibilities anyway.

**I purchased my copy of The Adventure of a Lifetime for Kindle for $0.00, and it's currently available on Amazon for $1.99 as of the date of this post**

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