Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review: Duplicity by Kristina M. Sanchez

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synopsis copyFrom Amazon:

In Lilith Callicotte’s profession, being able to indulge in a little fantasy was a plus.Not much that came out of her pretty little mouth was real, but then again, what did her rich, playboy clientele care about truth? Lilith made lying more than an art – it was her life. But as lies often go, it only took one client asking too many questions for everything to unravel.

thoughts copy

Though it’s a small novella, Duplicity by Kristina M. Sanchez packs a big punch and is not a story for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a fluffy, heart warming story this isn’t it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a bad thing.

Duplicity is the type of story that doesn’t just tug at your heart strings; it grabs them by the dangling threads and rips them right out of your chest. It’s thought provoking, heart breaking and honest. It’s one of those stories I had to keep tearing myself away from to find something sunny and fluffy to read to break it up, lest I begin to fall into an emotional darkness because the story was SOOOO well written you began to believe it.

Lilith hides her true self from the world around her by disguising not only her physical self in sexy fantasy gear while working her job as a dancer at a seedy club, but also behind the stories she paints of her life when asked by her customers.

Lilith’s regular, Trey, tries his damndest to get her to open up, but she keeps her walls up, never letting a crack mar the fa├žade of the strong willful woman she portrays in public. Throughout the story we see how she has been living her life very one dimensionally in order to protect herself and her friends, Dana and her brother Mal, from a past that threatens to drag them all back to the depths of darkness from which they’ve tried to escape.

A lot of comparison has been made between Duplicity and the movie Pretty Woman, but other than the fact that they share a base story line, there’s not really much that is similar. Duplicity is entirely a story of it’s own and one that everyone should read at least once.

**I purchased my copy of Duplicity for Kindle for $1.99, and it's currently available on Amazon for $1.99 as of the date of this post**

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