Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Pink Pearl by Suzette Marquis (aka Daisy Prescott)


The Pink Pearl
Author: Suzette Marquis aka Daisy Prescott
Age Group: Adult
Genre:  Romantic Comedy, Erotica
Pub Date: August 13, 2013
Misc Info: Kindle, Novella


synopsis copy

From Amazon:

Historical romance meets romantic comedy in The Pink Pearl, a 10,000 word novelette. Rate M for mature. Secret identities, backstabbing, mysteries, action and new allegiances abound in this erotic tale of pirates, sex and adventures on the high seas. 

On the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea there is a legend of a gem more rare than diamonds, more valuable than gold, more mysterious than Atlantis-- the Pink Pearl. Rear Admiral Lindsley of the British Royal Navy has been searching for the Pink Pearl for over a decade. Yet it eludes him to this day. Now others seek the pearl, including a scoundrel pirate and a tavern cook. Who will unravel the mystery and claim the treasure?

The pirate ship Mi'Lady is no ordinary vessel. Captained by a mysterious woman, who commands her crew and lovers with a velvet glove and a cat o'nine tales, the Mi'Lady holds more treasure than stolen bounty...

"You disobey me, you'll get the plank. Or marooned. My ship, my rules. You are aboard the ship at my pleasure. Displease me and you'll be cast adrift without your sword." Gliding the sword over her head and then down, she deflected his blade. "Double cross me and the family jewels will stay with me."

thoughts copyI loved Geoducks Are For Lovers by Daisy Prescott and if you read my review of that book, then you know how much I absolutely adored Daisy’s secondary characters of Quinn, Maggie’s GBFF, and Selah, her no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners Erotica romance writer friend who specializes in Pirotica while writing under the name of Suzette Marquis.

When Daisy announced in August that she was releasing a pirotica themed novella written under the pseudonym of Suzette Marquis, I was SOOOO excited I jumped at the chance to get this!

Everything about this was deliciously wonderful. Full of double-entendre and quirk, this is definitely a romantic comedy / erotica read you’ll love while sitting in the doctor’s office. I dare you not to laugh while you read this!

I had three stars in mind for the characters of Captain Fiona, Fair Robert, and William.

My picks?


Angelina Jolie as Captain Fiona. (great manip, yes?)


Fair Robert? Oh, yes, it’s Chris Hemsworth!


Anyone watching Sleepy Hollow on Fox? This handsome man be Tom Mison, who plays the character of Ichabod Crane and my pick for William.

freebie copy

Since today is “Talk Like A Pirate Day” Daisy decided what better way to celebrate than by making sure her favorite readers (that be us, lads and lassies!) could grab a Kindle copy free today and tomorrow!



** I purchased my copy of The Pink Pearl for $0.00 and it is currently available on Amazon for $0.00 as of the date of this post.**

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